DYKAS 023: The Ballad of Bill Simmons

DYKAS 023: The Ballad of Bill Simmons

The only person that might like Bill Simmons more than Connor and McCade is Bryson Kearl. So, in light of his recent firing from ESPN, they welcomed Bryson back to the program to discuss their favorite memories of the Sports Guy and where he might end up.


by | Ben Dawson Reply

I was wishing there was a Bill Don’t Lie podcast or a series of Tweets from Bill breaking down the Clippers collapse. Going to be lame waiting for his contract to expire before we get some new content. And, to join in on your conversation, Cousin Sal was always my favorite guest. “Cousin Sal, Sports-ish Guy here…”.

    by | Connor Reply

    Cousin Sal was awesome. One of my favorite things he did was on an NFL preview podcast, he kept throwing out personal details about Bill like his phone number and home address. They obviously edited it out, but it was still funny to hear him say things like, “And people listening at home, don’t tweet him. Go to his house. He lives at (edited out).”

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