DYKAS 032: No, Baseball isn’t Boring


DYKAS 032: No, Baseball isn’t Boring

Longtime friend Austin Galbraith makes his debut appearance on DYKAS to talk about baseball. They end up discussing their favorite memories of America's pastime, including great announcer calls, Austin's beloved Mariners, and what it feels like to root for teams that might never win a World series.


by | Cam Reply

Awesome knowledge of baseball from Austin. Made it feel like I was in the room with you three with the visualization he projected. This is my first episode I’ve listened to but am sure it won’t be the last. Good work.

    by | Connor Reply

    Thanks, Cam. Austin was super impressive – I’ve always thought I had a good memory but I was completely humbled by his ability to recall the most basic details. Glad you found us and we’ll keep trying to deliver the goods.

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