DYKAS 052: Devastating Losses Part 2


DYKAS 052: Devastating Losses Part 2

Every NFL Playoff seems to yield a high number of devastating losses, and so for the second straight year, Connor and McCade dedicate an entire episode to heartbreaking defeats. McCade shares his thoughts after watching his Vikings blow a chance to advance in the playoffs, and Connor complains about Borat impressions.

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<strong>Video gallery:</strong>

McCade's reaction to Walsh's miss.

Cowboys fan loses it.

Rams Punter cowers


by | Jason Christensen Reply

Bring back Sammy! That story about the M-5 firework was hilarious lol I got a good laugh out of that! You guys should try draft Kings out sometime I played around with it this football season and I think it’s pretty fun makes games more interesting and fun and made a little bit of money. It don’t cost a lot either you can enter $1 bets and have chance to win 1000s. Good episode though guy’s

by | Jason Christensen Reply

I like draft Kings better than fan duel

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